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  1. Hello Empire,

    -Is there a market place where I can sell things, if not, is there anyway I can get money other than deals with other ppl.
    -If I die do you lose your money
    -How Do I get a plot to build on???
  2. maybe you should give the EMC guide a look at here
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  3. Hello flayzian :)
    For being a member of EMC you recieve 100r a day, for every day you login.
    You can also build yourself a shop with the resources you collect and harvests you grow. Information on building a player shop can be found in the Empire Guide.
    Information regarding the claiming of a lot can be found in the Empire Guide.
    You can sell your collected resources to players shops if they have their shop to set up to receive items.
    You will never lose your money, unless you spend it. You can die, or not log in for 6 months, and it will still be there.
    In case you haven't noticed though, i seem to be pushing you towards the Empire Guide, because it is everything you need to know about EMC :)
    Also if you like it here, and have a few spare dollars a month, becoming a supporter is a great way to get yourself some extra extra rupee's, as well as some great benefits including a reserved login slot to guarantee a first login every time.

    And of course, welcome to Empire. :D
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  4. Cheers, will do!
  5. Whatever shaun said :p
  6. If you want to sell things without the hassle of making your own shop, you can sell them to d1223m and further bankrupt him! :D
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  7. Wat crazy, shaun and wen DC626 said wat shaun said said :D
  8. Oh wait and go to firebox360 He buys and sells everything at his shop! ;)
  9. Whats his number
  10. What is his house code.
  11. leowaste buys and sells on SMP2 as well.
  12. Yes you should come to me! Unlike other shops I buy at 1r less than I sell for, I make (almost) no profit doing this. This way you dont need to advertise your shop you can just sell to me and get on with building or doing whatever else you want to. More details of my (almost) Free Trade Store can be found in the link in my signature.
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  13. How did you figure out my plan?!?!