Is it safe to get iron gold or diamond support without paypal

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Is it safe with out paypal

No way it's not safe 3 vote(s) 9.7%
it's safe trust me 28 vote(s) 90.3%
  1. Hello so i want to get gold supportership but my my mum is woried if it's safe. she don't have paypal and she must pay with something else so please give me good awnsers please help me:)
  2. PayPal accepts credit/debit cards, so just suggest that she uses one of them. :) Supporting is completely safe.
  3. Just leave an envelope with cash and username in Justin's PO box!
  4. Before I became a Moderator, I was a Gold supporter. It's perfectly safe. I used my debit card. If you need to use something like a gift card, though, feel free to message IcecreamCow. He handles billing problems for JustinGuy, the owner of Empire Minecraft. :)
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  5. Ok thank you jackbiggin and pthagaard and maxarias:)
  6. Max... could i pay with ... Paysafecards? or iTunes cards!?
  7. Lol.. or a Starbucks card :D
  8. I have no idea. Ask IcecreamCow. :p
  9. I dont know what Paysafecards are.... but does paypal accept it?

    Certainly not iTunes. Because EMC is not assocated to apple through itunes in any way, shape, or form
  10. Who voted for it's not safe?
  11. No but then ICC can give the Empire $10 if its an Itunes $10 gift card and he can use it.
  12. Can someone give me awnsers plz
  13. I've never had a problem with Paypal or any other company online. Observe proper web security precautions. Choose a secure password, type in URL's instead of clicking on email links, make sure the web pages you enter information into are secure(https, not http), stick to well known companys, and all that. There's more details you can find by searching, for example here:

    When I feel insecure about this stuff, I remind myself that there are probably hundreds of millions of web transactions made by banks and other financial institutions, merchants, and consumers made daily. The lions eat the weak zebras. Educate yourself so you're not a weak zebra and you'll be fine.
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  14. Please give me more awnsers :)
  15. I don't think there are any other options. If you don't feel comfortable with Paypal, you can contact IceCreamCow and try to work something out with him.

    The bottom line is that you have to trust someone on some level to do anything. Even if you were to send a check in the mail, you're potentially putting a piece of paper with your bank account and routing information into many people's hands some of who may not be trustworthy. Yet people do it everyday without a second thought. Same with Paypal.

    Be smart with passwords, avoid Nigerian prince scams and everything will be ok.
  16. There's only like.. 10,000 supporters... and they're okay.. Why would they steal from you?
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  17. more votes please my mum is not sure yet:p
  18. it's 27 votes on it's safe trust me and 2 votes for no way it's not safe