Intrusive malvertisements

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  1. Twice now on the EMC Forum I've received malvertisements that, without warning or activation, brought me to another page, and make pop-ups preventing me from easily exiting the page.

    I would turn off my ad block on my PC if I didn't encounter these on my mobile, but sadly that's not the case.

    Both ads I got were aeally great offers of free Samsungs
  2. I've gotten this many times on my phone while trying to vote.
  3. Every time I try to vote on mobile this happens to me.
  4. This happens to me on my tab. A little alert comes up saying pop-ups blocked 1 and then it sends me to another page. Usually Amazon.
  5. If you can send details and hopefully a link to Aikar and Krysyy via PM, he will block them.
  6. If he actually can :confused: This is the #1 risk with web advertisements: you don't have full control over where they're coming from. And this is also why I use an adblocker, I've ran into too many scenario's where a source of advertisements actually got compromised ("hacked") and was then used to spread malware and other nasty stuff across.
  7. He has done it in the past. Obviously he can't search through all of them and individually before they get sent here, but if you give a link or other details he can block them (link is preferred).
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  8. Yeah, that's a problem with Google Ads. I myself have never had any problems with it, but it does occur.
    It can be dealt with on a per-case basis, but then the inconvenience will have happened already.
  9. I've had the same thing in my phone too. Always claiming I've won something but it's all just a tease :/