Introductions are in order.

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  1. Well, after 169 days of being a member of EMC I realised I've never actually introduced myself. So.. uh, hey there! You may or may not know me already, but my name is Hayley. You may or may not like me, but generally I am a nice person. Except for when I'm not. Now, what else should I tell all of you?

    • I'm 19,
    • I live in New Zealand,
    • I love the colours green and orange,
    • I'm currently in my second year of study at University (Marketing, Management and History majors),
    • One day I'd like to own my own business and generally make a poopload of money,
    • I've been playing Minecraft for.. a while haha, I'm not sure how long,
    • iSMOOCH <3
    • I paint and draw,
    • I sing badly and dance like no one is watching,
    • I start many projects and never finish them,
    • I procrastinate often.
    As many posts always end on these forums, I would like to thank a few people who have made EMC such an enjoyable experience. Justin and Jeremy, you've really got yourself a ripper of a community going on here. You should be so proud of what you created, and I thank you for somehow working it into my life. Before EMC I wandered around multiplayer servers, not knowing what true brilliance was hiding only a few IP's away from me, and I'm so glad I stumbled across it. I've made some great friends on here, that I have had many a giggle with, and I've probably made some greater enemies too, as I am a bit of a rule enforcer and not everyone likes that hehe. But oh well, hater's gon hate, and the better half outweighs the bad. I would list everyone that has made me smile on EMC, but I would probably leave someone out, and I would feel terrible if I did.. but from SMP2 to 5, 7, Utopia, 8 and all in between, you know who you are and I love you guys :) *cheesy, amirite?*
    So, if you ever see me around the servers and we haven't yet met, feel free to say hello. I promise I don't bite.. hard.
  2. I post this, and everyone's like "Yeah, we know you.. we don't care.""
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  3. I saw this, wanted to post, but then I procastinated, now here I am posting this.

    Hello! Glad to meet'cha! I also start projects that I never finish! :D
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  4. Sorry was watching Russell Brand stuff.
  5. Hi you alreadys knows me:) I procrastinate a lot as well:D
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  6. Hey heyley
    so,Why am I not in your post?
    I am,How can you skip your best freind on EMC. :)

    Thank you
  7. Yay for procrastination and Russell Brand <3
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  8. I said I wasn't naming names as to not forget anyone, but of course you are on it <3
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  9. (I like Rhys Darby better:) but russel brand is still cool:D)
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  10. Ismooch has a mention and not me? What is this? I'm quitting life.
  11. So shall I:(
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  12. We should start a hayleycolgan fanclub :)
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  13. its been started... Nice to meet you. I am the president.
  14. The Significant others ALWAYS get mentioned xD.

    Hello again :D I also procrastinate and start things and never finish *looks at soap making stuff taking up the kitchen table* Heh...
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  15. b-b-but... *cries*
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  16. I'd like to thank YOU for allowing me to find a relevant situation to post this and share it with the world.

  17. Of course it always my aim to satisfy everyone's needs. I would in turn like to thank you for posting this fantastic video. All the haters do want to be me.. just saying.

    You know that I <3 you though, Alex. I kinda have to mention Smooch though ;)

    Fan club?! ... for meeeeee? :3 Now my life is complete.
  18. OFF-TOPIC: Sorry, my twitter is personal ;)

    Yayyyy! But still, so rude, sheesh. ;)
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  19. I'm rude sometimes. Get over it. ;)
  20. I am gunna end up learning this and singing it to my friends... I just know it. >.<