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  1. Hey everyone,

    I haven't ever done one of these, and I figured I might as well considering how long I've been on EMC. I'm Killshot18, I've been a member of empire minecraft for a while now.

    I originally joined the empire because I really enjoy building cool stuff to show other people. I never really liked the look of the mega-mall places or the smaller shops that people throw together , so I wanted to make sure my res was different. I put a lot of detail into the shops and try to give it a nice, unique look, kind of like a village of vendors. I've got a fully functional store up and running and I keep my prices comparable with the big stores. I admit that its not as easy to navigate as some of the other places, but its definitely not a very common design, so I hope you'll check it out! My residence is 643 on smp1.

    Ahh and one final thing, I like to change the theme of my shop occasionally as well as add new stores, especially since this last update, so I apologize if there are any broken teleports or any temporary eye sores.

    Ask me questions in the comments if you have any!

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  2. Nice to meet you!
    :D I live mostly on 1 too however I don't think I've seen you before. :3
    Anyways I hope to :p
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  3. Yes! I love shops that are village styled so it makes you go from place to place to find the store the sells the stuff, I used to have a residence like this too. I like your style mate!
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  4. :cool: Welcome to the forums! :cool:
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