In the beginning...

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  1. In the beginning, Heyaroo didn't start off making Minecraft videos.. no she made other videos.

    Club Penguin, Sims, VMK, VFK videos...

    Gosh this is embarassing LOL

    Ahzeriel and I were in Mumble and I decided to show him one of my earliest videos.. he then discovered all of my YouTube videos that I made when I was 12 ._.

    Gosh have I improved a lot.

    I just wanted to share some of my oldest videos for some laughs :p

    Boy.. was I random back then.


    I made an advertisement for VFK and it went on their front page for a little bit :p ah..
  2. The lol's that were shed over this, Hahaha. Even though they are old, there still awesome videos. You, heyaroo, are a natural at this video thing =)
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  3. Haha , club penguin soo old :D
  4. Lol i knoww.. oh the memories.. xD
  5. I used to play Club Penguin a lot! Thanks for making me remind of the good times :p