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  1. I am trying to log onto Empire Minecraft and I'm getting the following message:
    You are banned from Empire Minecraft. Reason: Automated spam protection.
    I think I was banned because I was typing single characters in the local chat in the wilderness to try and find my friend. When I found my friend I relayed what I was doing in a private message and got kicked off again. I honestly didn't realise it would be a problem in a private message and I apologise for breaking the rules and causing any problems. I assure you I will not make this silly mistake again. :(
    Could you please let me know how long the ban is for and I look forward to playing on your server again soon. Thanks very much.
  2. Thhis isnt the way to apeal a ban. PM twitch 1
  3. As Mrsmiley99 stated, this is not the correct way to appeal a ban. Seeing as you likely don't know who banned you, find a moderator on the forums and 'Start a Conversation' with them, telling them what happened. They will look into it for you.

    The button is at the top right of their page.
  4. Thank you Hayley. :)
  5. No problem Bennyt8. Hope you get it sorted :)
  6. The automated spam protection is pretty tough when it comes to spam, i have unbanned your account seeing as it was only a small incident in private chat. :)
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  7. Thanks so much!!! it will never happen again :D thank you thank you thank you!!!