I'm SOOO glad EMC doesn't do this...

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  1. ban.PNG
    One of the very few things that annoys me in general about many Minecraft servers.
  2. That is horrible! D=
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  3. Dear God!
    IF we did that, a lot more of out ban hammered players would still unfortunately be with us.
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  4. Thats cause EMC Doesn't do it for the Moneys
  5. Woah-ho, I didn't even know they did that! D: That really is one heck of a hated server in my head.
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  6. Oh my...
    No. Just... no.
  7. Bahahaha! I'm picturing some kid sitting at a PC with a Police badge pinned to his shirt, patrolling for infractions.
  8. Hmmm....interesting.... *FWDs to Justin*.

    Haha, jk.
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  9. LoLoL :D
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  10. *Economy Mode*
    It's an amazing money making oppurtunity :)
    Think of the money you will get from Rob and his alts lol.
  11. and hewhoshallnotbenamed
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  12. "Say his name!"
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  13. I play a lot on a server that does this, it's actually a very nice server...
  14. No... it is Co... hewhoshallnotbenamed
  15. That guy that kept coughing on a field all the time?
  16. Yes exactly.
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  17. *cringe*
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  18. It's only two times if you read; First is 5$,second is 15$ and You're out of luck the third time(You can't get unbanned)
  19. Honestly, I see no way that could possibly backfire.