I'm so genuinely sorry.

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  1. lmao, sorry but,

    I've been lying to all of you for 3-4 years, although it was probably obvious.

    It's probably unnecessary/irrelevant to tell you all now since I'm not even active and I only talk to like 3 people from here regularly, although one has known for like a month.

    Anyways I'm not that blonde chick in those photos, I'm not 17/18 (I told some people I was 18, or 17, I kept forgetting every time), basically I've been lying to EMC about who I am. I don't think its that big of an issue since it's a minecraft server.

    But I know from this I will hurt people's feelings. I have made a lot of close friends with some of you, some who even """""fell in love""""" with this chick.

    I mean, I only lied about what I looked like/my age/my study, everything else was completely true. I mean I didn't REALLY lie about my school life. I did go to an all girls' school (I still go to it, I'm not in university LMAO), but everything else about my school life was a lie.

    The girl in the pictures, I do know her in real life, she's one of my closest mates in fact. It was literally her idea, but I'm not blaming her.

    It started off with when I was in a skype call with brianhirsch (I forgot the numbers in his username) and cutejuliew in like 2014. They were both like "omg wow send a photo of yourself!! i want to see your face!! i want to see what you look like!" and all that. And I was with my friend at the time, and she said to just use her picture. She was like "dude just pretend to be me, how funny would that be". It was a bit funny at first. But then I started getting introduced to tons of people on here, and getting close with some of y'all. I did feel like telling the truth after like a month, but at the time I was too overwhelmed with how many new people I was talking to, and I didn't want it to stop/didn't want to loose the new friendships.

    Anyways, from the snapchats/video calls where some of you did see the blonde girl's face, that's because that friend was over and we were both like "O shit gotta keep the act up".

    It wasn't until this year I started realizing how stupid this whole thing was. I tried distancing myself and to maybe fade away so that no one really cared anymore, but I don't know lmao. I also stopped using my friend's pictures this year. Someone asked for a 2016 show yourself post this one time, but I kind of was like "): nah mate"

    I guess I'm telling you all now because I feel like you have the right to know. Also because Eclipsys is in Melbourne and asking to meet up.

    If anyone at all, even if I've never talked to you before, has any questions, or wants to complain to me about how I'm a jerk, or wants more answers, or just anything at all, feel free to add me on Snapchat and ask. My snapchat is
    Don't hold back, feel free to roast me.

    I mean, I don't know how any of you didn't call me out for it. (Shoutout to Olga though cause when I told him he said he was 70% sure I was this other chick). Like I remember this one time, I think it was SoulPunisher, but anyways someone from here asked me "weren't you brunette?" and I was like "lol wdym" and he replied with like "oh your minecraft skins used to have brown hair I just assumed". Lmao. And even, my voice. How did y'all (on mumble or skype) believe me when I said I was 18 when my voice is clearly years younger.

    I'm so sorry if I hurt anyone. I completely understand.
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  2. Not even sure how to read this lmao
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  3. +1 for keeping the show up for so long
    now i don't know you very well, talked like 3 times to you or so
    but i find it amazing how long you kept the role
    i have done it too but i could never keep it up for that long
    like heck, i can't even shut my mouth about my not so secret alt :)

    also 2 small questions
    doesn't it feel really good to finally say?

    2nd question
    do you like purple chickens :)
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  4. This just turned into an AMA
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  5. I give your friend credit tbh, that's a lot to stick with.
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  6. Wow, you're such a huge piece of shit. I hope you get punt kicked by a kangaroo in the face and fall off a cliff, into the pacific ocean, and drown. Roasted.

    Joking, of course. As hard as this is to kind of process, you're forgiven - by me, I don't know how much that's worth to you (probably not very much lol), but you are. I've done a similar thing in the past (to avoid getting banned on a different server lmao) and so I know there's all kinds of motivations for 'catfishing'.

    Plus, when I posted about my Omegle chat with someone in February, you said 'wow that's awesome'. When I was down at one point because I lost that person for a bit and posted something like 'I just wanna curl up in a ball and die atm', you said you were there for me (whether you meant that or not, and even though I never talked to you about it, it still means a lot). That girl means a Hell of a lot to me now. You were probably also one of the people who put up with my bullshit back in 2012 and early 2013 and tried to help me. I have no reason to hate you just because you lied about what you look like - the people who were much closer to you than me, however... I guess you'll have to find out.

    I do have to hand it to you for how long you kept that picture thing up though lol.

    Beyond that, you're a pretty awesome person.
    This is kinda funny.

    I vaguely remember that :oops:
  7. Sure, I'll bring some Porkchop, will you bring some beef?
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  8. lol nice one
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  9. Here is your award for being EMC's second biggest troll, after Copherfield.
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  10. I don't have a lot to say about this, mainly because we never talked, but I do have one short statement.

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  11. tricked me the whole time
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  12. We need to get Nev Schulman and Max Joseph onto EMC so they can advertise us by recording an EMC-focused episode of Catfish.
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  13. must be weird to actually add random people from emc on snapchat :p
    and to be fair, i would only send like a roasted chicken but thats all
  14. Now that that's done you can be yourself! I've always liked the real you more anyways. Welcome to EMC.
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  15. The point is to make it so they are no longer random people :)
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  16. Wowee
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