I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

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  1. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

    As most of you know I’ve been MIA for the past year and few months (give or take a few). so I thought I'd make a surprising comeback and what's the best way of doing that. Is making a thread of course! :D

    - - - Info about me first joining EMC - - -

    I’m the 16,665th member of EMC, so I’m older than dirt.
    (I joined shortly after Maxarias joined and before her, krysyy and Aikar were even green, times sure have changed. haha)

    I joined EMC on a chilly February Monday morning in 2012. (Yes, I know I’m old).
    I am of SMP2 origin and always will be, SMP2 has been home to me since my first few steps of EMC life.

    I will be making a new appearance back into EMC and hoping to be active as I used to be. I still remember a lot of people and things that EMC has to offer that have made me decide to come back and enjoy what it has to offer.

    I remember having to use wheat to get sheep, cows and pigs to your residence before eggifying was even a thing. That mean't a lot of planning and remembering the server map very well.

    --Better way to start off is to give a little info on myself--

    The names Colin, I'm 18, originally from Washington State but I currently reside in North Carolina.
    • I'm a full time college student (graduating in Web Design and Support)
    • I drive a Volkswagen Passat
    • I have a pet rabbit named Mr. Bunz and a fish named Otis

    I've lost quite a bit of weight in my senior year of high school and first part of college. So that has been a huge plus for me as well. I was about 280lbs before while now I'm around 250lbs. So I wan to lose another 50 and I will be very happy with myself and hope to boost my confident up and self esteem.

    --Small info and apology about my past--

    To make a long story short, I've made some bad choices on here and regret all of them. If I had a time where I could go back and change everything I did that wrong, I would take the opportunity in a heartbeat. I've lost a few good friends to the choices I made and I wish I never had made them in the first place.

    I was a 13 year old kid that thought it was cool to do what I did, so I acted like it and got myself into trouble that caused a good chunk of drama for people that never deserved to be pulled into it.

    For me being gone for the time that I have been. I have matured to a huge level of respect and so on. So I'd like to take another shot and try to re-mend a few friendships that I believe need to be fixed.
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  3. Welcome back, Inuyasha! It's been a while since the last time I've seen you.
    I was also not the best with my behavior when I had first joined EMC, but if that had not happened, I wouldn't be where I am today. Just embrace that part of your life and know that probably nobody remembers it anyway.

    Also... I'm member number 6,557.
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  4. Wow your older than me
  5. Welcome back, Inuyasha! I'm not sure if you remember me, but we had some conversations about random things many times! haha Glad to see you back, and hopefully I catch you around the Empire more. ;)
  6. Welcome back! I remember you, you may or may not remember me, original name was tedrocker
  7. Great to see you back again! :D
  8. I know you! Welcome back! :D
  9. Ah, welcome!
    I was wondering if you'd ever become active again!
    As you probably know, lots of stuff has changed, and lots of people have left, but new people have come as well and in my opinion, EMC is still great, if not better!
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  10. I remember you, not a clear memory but I do remember you. haha :p It's great to see ya after all these months

    I've seen you around a lot when I used to be very active. Its good to see you again
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  11. I definitely recognize you from some old times. It is definitely nice to see you still around.
    If you're older than dirt, then I must be older than magma or something along those lines? (I'm member 1865. :P)

    Either way, welcome back, dude. :)
  12. Why not do a bump!
  13. Welcome back to the empire! :D
  14. I don't know you yet, but I'd be glad to meet you :)

    Also thank you for getting that song stuck in my head :confused:
  15. Welcome back. Was one of your regrettable decisions liking One Direction? (I keed... maybe)
  16. Sadly, but that was not one of them. haha
  17. I'm so hype that a good amount of older players are coming back now c:
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