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  1. Hello I am new my username is vadamx. I enjoy survival. I also like to play Halo: Reach. My favorite block is diamond.
  2. Welcome to EMC vadamx! :) How long have you been playing MC? And what server did you start on?
  3. I've been playing MC since march 29 the day after my birthday. The first server I went on was The world of heroes but I got bored of that and found an awesome server called Empire Minecraft :)
  4. I love asking people this after they've been on EMC for awhile, and they reply "I've played MC as long as EMC, and it's the only server becuase we're the best" :D
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  5. I found EMC on March 31 then on the same day my brother got me banned :(
  6. Like I've said on your other posts, appeal it with Aikar, and wait. That's it. :) your brother is your responsibility
  7. How long does it take him? About a month?
  8. We're not allowed to advertise other servers, if you edit that post I'm sure your chances of getting un-banned would increase.
  9. Is mentioning another servers name "advertising"? Correct me if I'm wrong :) I dont believe there was any intention to break the rules
  10. Yeah advertising a server address is one thing, but he was just mentioning where he played before :) Its all good :)
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  11. We get a lot of "my brother/friend/sister/second-cousin-twice-removed did it, not me," so we tend to be a little skeptical.
  12. Yes, the difference in the post was "I used to play at this server" as opposed to "Everyone should come to Server Name: Address.. It is so much more fun... Trolololol!!!!111!!11!..."

    See the difference there? He was asked a question and answered respectably by giving solely the name and not trying to plug an invite like a true troll would. :)
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  13. Ya know, it's a shame nobody can tell if it's the truth or not. Some honest player may have a troll of a second-cousin-in-law-eight-times-removed that sees the computer on and has his way :(
  14. Problem is, this excuse is a believable as "My dog ate my homework".... It may have honestly happened once, but then everyone used it and effectively made it unbelievable. :)
  15. Too bad for the occasional hungry dog...
    To everyone else, if you have a mischievous sibling/friend/relative/highly intelligent pet, don't leave your computer easily accessible. It makes life a lot easier.
  16. All you really gotta do is take the extra time to type in your password to your Minecraft Account or even better to your desktop if possible...
    Saving passwords for ease of access should be limited to personal desktop computers that are not shared with anyone to avoid such problems...
    If not a possibility, remember your passwords, type them to log-in and ensure you log out when your are done or if you intend to walk away for even a moment.. Many things go wrong in the blink of an eye...
  17. Exactly. I play on a laptop, which is easier to close than a desktop. But I keep it password locked and put it to sleep when I'm not using it.
  18. Oh don't indulge the lazy gamer :)
  19. Too bad this "vadamx" character posted about 10 forum threads last night, all saying how terrible of a mod Aikar is and that he DEMANDS being unbanned. Apparently he was supposed to get site banned as well -.-