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  1. This is probably my first "introduce yourself" thread ever. I'm maask12345. I've been looking for a good server, and I think I've finally found it. I'm trying to build a food store in smp9 at res 19006, and currently that's kinda slow as I need a ton of wood for the building and everything. I used to play in a few pvp servers with factions and whatnot, and that ended up in my town being totally leveled by some 8 year old. So I pretty much left it, and wandered about on different servers, all the same, all with different kinds of unfair advantages to people that donate. So I found this lovely server, decided why not, and found my new home.

    I don't know what else to put, so I guess I'll see you on the server.
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  2. Welcome to EMC.

    That's what all the next posts will be saying.
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  3. Welcome to emc!
  4. Welcome to the empire! I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  5. Welcome to EMC. It is a great server. Hope you enjoy yourself. Let us know if you need help with anything!
  6. Weeelcome! If you need help with business I can help :D
  7. If you agree not to feed the economy-destroyers or pyromaniac cows, we'll let you in. ;)
  8. LoL 72Volt xD
  9. Welcome! Here in the Empire the server trolls you!
  10. welcome, welcome, welcome to the best place you'll ever find.
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  11. We always love it when experienced players choose us! There's a wonderful community here, and the staff isn't too shabby either, if I do say so myself ;)

    Welcome, maask12345! We're so glad you came!
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  12. Yip just stay away from the pyromaniac cows especially...Daisy! ( dunn dunn dunnnn! )
  13. Welcome!

    First, send us anything you want. Well, not everything. Everything except Rabies. I hate Rabies.
  14. you'll do well young joker.

  15. Welcome to EMC :)
  16. You just found a great server!
    Welcome to EMC.
  17. Welcome! I live on SMP2 and I own a wood shop if you're ever looking to buy in the future. (just v my username) I figure you are low on rupees to start so I'll be willing to donate a stack of logs of your choice for your new shop! PM me, and welcome!