Im Nat Ded!

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punch me if you knew me slap me if you didnt

punch 18 vote(s) 56.3%
slap 5 vote(s) 15.6%
how did this get here? 9 vote(s) 28.1%
  1. so contrary to popular belief im (kinda) not dead! well, i think someone does:

    Anyway... i haven't been gone gone ive just been... lurking in the shadows for a while. and by a while i mean roughly a year or so. i have still been around but not very active on the forums.

    also: a LOT has changed since i've been "ded" so post questions and some of them might have a reward!
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  2. How does it feel to be not dead anymore?
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  3. Wow, I remember you! :) I'm glad you've returned. Why had you gone semi-inactive for the past year or so? I'm pleased that you're not dead, no matter what your reason. :)
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  4. Is this a good enough question for the reward? :p
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  5. Good to see you back cube :D What's your favourite new feature since you've been gone. :)
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  6. How does the zombification process work? Since you're back from being dead and all. :D
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  7. the same except my human interaction has increased by about 90%

    i just couldn't be bothered to make a thread about anything

    /r pay
    probably. 500r comin your way!


    well it may seem quite complicated at first but once you get past the biomechanics, quantum mechanics, advanced superficial field altering time subducted neutron cannon mechanics and making a sandwich, its simple! (ish)(not really)(actually i've been told it was quite difficult)(my left leg is backwards)

  8. WB cube45! :D
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  9. i also need a new signature if anyone is willing!
  10. Hello i like melons :3 Do you like melons :3
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  11. I started following you on here when you posted a status about no one following you.
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  12. I wonder what would happen if I just put a question mark at the end of a statement?
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  13. Everyone would probably be confused? This question/statement is quite interesting?
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    i wonder. lets try it?

    you have failed at grammar my friend?
  15. i also got an alt?
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  16. are you a demi god :p
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  17. do u like Iron golems? If so would u like to come to my island a help start my outpost?
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  18. Do you plan to be more active and less lurky? :p If so, what do you plan to do on EMC? If not, why?
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  19. do you fry3289 r2bjg2j2j?
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  20. Hello! How does being on EMC feel? btw. I'd love a promo as a reward... *hint hint*
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