I'm Leaving Until Further Notice.

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  1. I'm just going to get straight to the point: Too much griefing, too much chat spam, too many noobs (although there are many nice people in the Empire too), and I am NOT disrespecting any staff, as they work hard to try to make the Empire a good place. My last words: Sometimes bigger is NOT better.

    EDIT: since when did this turn into everyone discussing me falsely accusing every moderator of abusing power? I never said that. I was trying to state that a few mods had to be deranked because they were abusing their powers. The rest of the mods are people who devote their time to try and help make the empire a better place.\

    This rage of mine is undeserved. For a better goodbye, go here. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/a-better-way-to-say-goodbye.10103/#post-146629
  2. I pretty sure no mods have banned people from not going to their shops.... Also, good luck with what ever your doing.
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  3. I wish you the best, but blatantly lying about our moderators isn't a good way to say goodbye...
  4. Lol, I've never seen any mod abuse their powers. I think someone is just a bit in rage because of griefers. I've had lava dumped on me a few times, but oh well. Maybe you should have taken pictures of the person doing it, so you could have reported him/her to a mod with proof.
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  5. ok im pretty sure that has never happened, and they are kinda above everyone else, because they kinda hold a master key to our EMC survival...
    well, farewell, then, thou who is older (emc-wise) than me!
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  6. You say you hate how players have disrespect? You do realise abusing the moderators is a BIG sign of direspect right? Well anyways Cya!
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  7. I'm guessing it was just a misunderstanding. Perhaps he heard someone joking about the shop thing and took it wrong.
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  8. I've NEVER seen any moderators be mean smp7, Faustlauncher I personally think he is the nicest moderators from my personal experiences. We have better moderators than a bunch of other servers, I've seen moderaters actually ban people for no Reason at all. They just " raged ". We have by FAR the best moderators ever. <3

    EMC would be nothing without their support. ( and include ICC Justin and former moderators)
  9. i never see moderators on smp9 and it often is the besiest
  10. They have lives you know...

    and maybe your not on at the times they come on.
  11. I couldn't have said it any better or could I?
    A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.

    It Seems I have, oh well, I guess time to spread more justice.
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  12. The only time I had a player kill me is when I was new. I still remember his dreaded name... Barryballbag. I will never forget that name for the rest of my entire Minecraft life.
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  13. Like a boss
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  14. Now we just wait for the "lulz i dident leev" or "i sekretly made new akownt to keep frum having to pay peepl i owe muny"
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  15. I am not lying about it, I am saying that I have heard this happen. Personally, anythings possible but this is highly unlikely
  16. We all know that a moderator wouldn't say that if they weren't joking. But bye.
  17. You've seen a mod abuse their power? I've seen a mod misbehave, but authority abuse??
  18. He hasn't, he "just heard it."
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