Im feeling generous.....

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  1. Alrighty, since I acquired a quadruple zombie grinder, I think ill start doing this:
    Everyday im going to enchant several level 10-20 diamond/gold/iron things. I will give 2 enchanted items away everyday (but not at certain times and unless im gone). Here is how to enter drawings: Just post here, know your number [your number is what post you are (look at bottom right corner)] and then I use my randomizer app to pick the number! You may only post once on this. All others shall be deleted. Today I will do only one or maybe not. But ill let people post for a bit.
  2. sure why not sounds like fun lol
  3. I'm entering.
  4. Free items? I'm in! :p
  5. Im in! # 6
  6. Number 8 that's me.
  7. make me number 9 :p
  8. I'm in! Double Digits :D
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  9. Ok im doing the drawing for the mystery enchanted item!

    And the winner is....

    WINNER: #9! copher, i will have the chest set up outside my hotel at 18008. First day and its late so this is the only item i do today. See yall tommorow!

    If you are dying to know what the item was, it was
    Diamond Helmet Protection II
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  10. Copher (How much did you pay him) jk
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  11. Im in! Thx redwing:)