I'm confused

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  1. so i was going around my outpost when i saw a skeleton horse, when i got close lightning hit it and more skeleton horses appeared with skeletons riding them, what exactly happened?
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  3. I think the devs prevented us from being able to ride skeleton horses, though, unfortunately.
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  4. Not sure if it'll work on EMC, but in my 1.10 single player world I was able to ride one of the skeleton horses, I think you just have to hit them once with your fist. Not sure if you can eggify them, but it's worth a shot.
  5. I remember me and SkyDragonv8/StoneSky/Unoski have a discussion about it with Aikar about why it wasn't allowed. I hope it gets implemented once, but unless it changed recently, it's not possible to ride skeleton horses on EMC. It is in Vanilla, though.
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  6. yea, i tried riding one and EMC plugins wouldnt allow me to ride it
  7. Eggify is not working. not tried to ride it. no saddly handy.

  8. Obligatory.