I'm back?

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  1. Hey EMC.
    It's been a while, almost two to three years. I haven't been playing MC for a looong time. My brother usually plays on my account now.
    I realized that my planned villager res was deleted, and that my brother had started anew.
    Anyway- I might start playing more if I have time (high school is a pain)...
    So, what's new here?
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  2. Welcome back I'm glad to see that an old member is back! Although in not nearly as old as you :)
    Hope to see you around the empiren:)
  3. Welcome back to the empire!
    Let's see.. New mob arena and PvP arenas, 1.9 is coming soon, exciting promos, New staff, lots of public facilities, intresting forums, marriage fishes, community contests, better empire updates, unique players, crazy smp8, wiki(if you weren't here when it was released), "better or worse" economy, new tutorial?, and magic. :p I could go on and on, but let's leave it at that. ;)
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  4. Hi collect. Nice to meet you. Hope you find more time to play here more often. :)
  5. Welcome back! :)
  6. I've miss you eviltoade!
    What's ur brothers gamer tag?
  7. Hello There!

    Welcome back! I was in the same boat as you! Looking forward to meet you :)
  8. Welcome back to EMC!
    I'm sure the wiki will provide you with all the necessary information to get back up to speed with EMC!
  9. What have you missed, lemme see. Oh yeah! I'm new to you :p Welcome back, nice to meet you =3
  10. What is there to do around EMC now?
    Any new events?
  11. Welcome back to EMC bro! I believe that there are a few new events here from three year s ago like Tuesday Tree Choppers and the Fishing Event that occurs every now and then :p
  12. Welcome back! I remember seeing your name around quite a while ago :p
    Lots of events, the following are just some of the ones done...
    The Big Dig
    Mob Arena
    Something Fishy
    Wood Choppers
    Midnight Miners

    There's also a new event with castles now, look out for that on the front page, they'll be there whenever they're hosted and they are on the events calendar too! :)
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  13. My personal Favorites are Mob Arenas, and Miner Mania(originally Friday Night Mining)
  14. Welcome Back!
  15. Hm... I remember your profile picture, but your name doesn't ring much of a bell.
    Anyway, welcome back! :D
  16. I joined where you were probably not active so... Hai! Welcome back. Make sure to refresh on the rules for all forum-y things just incase (do the same for in-game rules as well, re-doing the tutorial would be good). Be sure to join in on all of the forum games since they are really fun. Also, swing by smp4 sometime for a chat. Just make sure it's at 5-11pm since not many people are on after or before those hours (trust me, it's dead). ALSO, finally, ask me for some rupees some time and I'll fix ya up with a few. :rolleyes:
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