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Do you like the igloos?

Yes, definitely! 7 vote(s) 70.0%
No, not really... 3 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have constructed 2 igloos, if anybody is interested in renting one, this is available (I have no set price), but really I just came here to share the creation. Also please feel free to donate rupees, snow or ice and I will use all the profits to construct new igloos. You can come view the igloos in game at 7345 on SMP3.

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    EDIT: Integrated donation system at my residence, if u donate when im not online, I Can still see it, so dont worry, you will get a sign
  2. This is really awsome Eukka:). I'm still wondering why the ice doesn't melt:confused:. But anyway to some it all up,Awesome,
    cool,confused. Bye.
  3. This is so sweet, I want to build an ice/snow version of my pyramid on smp1!
  4. Thanks guys, Im happy you like it :)
    EDIT: and Justin, that would be awesome if your pyramid would be ice/snow. I personally love winter!
  5. ive made a floating ice castle before it was epic
  6. how did you get the ice for them?
  7. Probably from a silk touch pick axe
  8. yeah that was my guess but i just wanted to see how when i made my elemental castles one was made of ice but i was on creative on that server so i had unlimited ice on me to do it but yeah thats a good point you got Nick.
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  9. no, I posted a thread on the community market place asking to buy ice, but everybody said no, you cant get it with a silk touch tool, so I just bought the ice from the Empire store (50r a block :S)... I had no other option :S
  10. ah that would explain it but yeah thats kind of pricey
  11. I want a igloo!
  12. Me too, btw Socal blows, no winter.......
  13. I have a donation system at my res 7345, u can see further details there
  14. That's a very good idea, JustinGuy :)