If you'd like to get to know me, read more..

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  1. I am not experienced with forums so I apologize if I do anything wrong before hand.

    Hello! I am new here, not to minecraft but to empire. I have already replied on a few threads and have met a few of you. So please let me introduce myself officially.
    My name is Manglex, and I tend to let people I like call me by my real name once they get to know me. I live in Louisiana, so ya I'm southern. I'm 15.. In a month, drivers ed.. blahhh.
    I love video games. I play everything, seriously! Im told I give great recommendations so if you ever want one..
    Am not currently on a server because of it being down, but when there up I am going to spend my time on spm8 & 2. (Smp is my initials which I find kinda cool)
    I really love this community already and I hope you guys come to love me!
    & If you want to know anything about me, please do ask. In game or on this thread it doesn't matter.
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  2. Hey Manglex! You already know me!
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  3. Welcome to the Empire. If you know how to start a thread than your on to it.
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  4. Nice to meet you! Can I call you doggy? :)
  5. Nice to meet you to, it's great to see new members. Sure you can call me doggy.
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  6. Welcome to the Empire!
    Are the servers down again?
  7. They haven't worked since I registered. It still tells me to go to this website xD
  8. Welcome man! Have fun here. Remember that is the most important commandment. If you want to learn more about the 10 commandments of Empire Minecraft click on the part of my signature that says "10 Commandment videos." They are a great way to start and also to learn a little about the empire.
  9. I'll watch your video. :) Lawlz
  10. Thanks. I do my best to help out the community.
  11. Welcome to EMC. I also play on SMP8 quite a bit. I recommend that you read the Empire Guide if you haven't already. Since you can't get on the servers, feel free to explore the website :)
  12. Oh I am! Lawlz, Im also following everyone who is nice, trying to make friends and what not.
  13. Friends are nice.
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  14. Welcome, glad to see you're supporting~! :D
  15. Alex! Give me a follow back? :)
  16. Welcome :)
    Please excuse any of my posts anywhere on the forums where I seem to sound like a witch. :D I'm actually quite nice and friendly.

    How'd you find the Empire?
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