if you will only watch one mincraft video..

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  1. let it be this one..


    slightly boring for a little bit, then gets really funny at around minute 8 funniest thing I have ever seen. And we have all been there I am sure.

    this video was shown to me by hayleycolgan
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  2. Wow, you really don't know what minecraft is until you've experienced that a few times. I would like to see a video of him watching the playback of that footage, after he passes out for a few days of course. :p
  3. I've woken up to the "you died" screen more than a few times. Usually from drifting off when mining, keeping my finger on the action button and eventually digging straight down into lava.
  4. he seems more drunk then tired.lol i guess he had a few to many potions.
  5. I love how you post this, and you would never have found it if it wasn't for me. -_-

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  6. guilty...
  7. maybe i was wrong there..
  8. edit: nvm, you did XD