If you have my head

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Cue1, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. If you have my head please mail it to me or pm me or post on forum I will pa for them
  2. You could also do some pvp and trade heads after.
  3. The_beacon171 also forgot to add that all my heads out there should be mailed to here she will also pay also type in this thread if you have it. Also just contact me on game I will Also pay my head
  4. i have a lot of your heads
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  5. May we ask why you need them so much?
  6. We are building a head pyramid and we want to have our heads at the bottom
  7. I have them, how many?
  8. Im auctioning a bunch of yours... 52k is highest bid at the moment, PM me .via forums for the link.
  9. We need all/the most
  10. how much are you paying?
  11. You can farm them in the pvp arena...
  12. Its mine you will never get it back >:-D
  13. Per 1 200r
  14. ok, I have 4 heads
  15. I've got 14 of them... I am a hoarder xD