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  1. Okay so my freinds and I thought of this cool idea, to rate residences! So basically what you would do is go to the residence then type something like: /res rate up -OR- /res rate down
    Then on the website like the EMC leader-boards you could have the best residences leader-boards. These could be exactly the same having Lifetime and monthly leader-boards. Additionally supporters of whom have access to setting custom enter and leave messages for their res could have access to setting a title for their residence to be displayed on the leader-boards. I thought this was be an awesome feature to be added to EMC as it would ad competition to those of whom like building magnificent things. This would be good because we have leader-boards for those of whom are good at fighting but we do not yet have leader-boards for those of whom are good at building!

    Credit To: NINJATTILA for the original idea of rating residences!

    Tell me what you guys think by posting in this thread!
  2. Well I love this Idea It would make the Leaderboards for more than Grinding :)
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  3. Exactly except they would be separate leader-boards
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  4. While this does sound like a nice idea, you have to think about it from different angles.

    Say you work hard on your res and feel great about it, I come along and it just so happens you and I got into an argument on the forum and I'm mad and I rate you down. I come back and do this repeatedly as often as I can. Your rating would go down. If there weren't enough people rating up then it would stay at Zero or go Negative if that's a possibility.

    Some people would only use this to troll or just favorite their friends or even beg for people to rate them.
    Some people would get upset they had lower ratings and then complain or post on the forum and we already have too many leaving threads :p

    Not saying it's a horrible idea, just maybe some restrictions and guidelines set up to ensure it isn't abused.
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  5. Yeah I guess I never viewed it that way.
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  6. Yes some excellent thoughts! perhaps removing the dislike feature? We can't dislike people on the forums so why do it in-game!
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  7. Its against the Commandments.
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  8. Oh yeah I forgot about that! Your not allowed to beg for anything; begging for your residence to be liked would be considered begging and is therefore already taken care of :)
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  9. Something would have to be done, such as a limit on how often you could rate. An MMO I used to play had Fame Points. You could go around and + Fame or -Fame someone. People would abuse this by -Fame-ing someone for the fun of it. If you Famed that person you couldn't rate them again for another month. So we would have to have some sort of thing like that implemented.

    True it is but there are people out there who still do things "for the lolz" or because they feel they don't need to listen to the rules. Just look at those banned for X-Ray, Fly Mod, Scamming etc. here on the empire.
  10. Perhaps you could vote every 24 hours as that's how long it takes for you to get your daily rupee bonus...
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  11. I see your point there...
  12. Yeah, it wouldn't be something as drastic as a month maybe. 24 hours or so could work.
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  13. Yes an entire month might ruin the monthly leader-boards :eek:
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  14. i like the idea but i also want the rupees leader board back
  15. The rupee leader board was removed as IcecreamCow felt it needed to be. I would contact him about it I'm not sure on the exact details.
  16. Rupee leader board is a horrible idea. Why does everyone need to know how much you have? Do you have your bank account balance posted in real life for everyone to see? Do you enjoy people begging you for money? People with large amounts of rupees get begged for rupees all the time and if everyone could see how much, they would start begging.
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  17. that's a great idea, but what happens, if someone votes with his/her 3 alts? or if someone is selling for votes? and not erveryone visits each res/server. like on smp1 are more player online than on smp6 for example...
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  18. You bring forward some very strong points but you see you must rely on players to do the right thing. If players actually go out and buy multiple accounts they should have the right to vote for their own residence multiple times.