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  1. So I was watching some kids at a playground today playing a game, hot lava. If you don't know the game here is the link:
    I was thinking that with some dispensers this could be implemented into a game on EMC...
    No idea just popped into my head maybe someone could build on this idea and construct a game.
  2. hmm, Intresting.
  3. +100
    EDIT: Use TP Signs to say that someone died from lava...!
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  4. This game has an actual name? I always called it "The floor is lava."

    Anyways, whoever didn't play this as a kid had a deprived childhood.
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  5. Bump!
    I myself called it Red Hot Lava but I googled it and this came up as the "official" name :).
  6. Ethan and I will work on a design.
    Maybe something with multiple floors, and the lava destroys the ground.
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  7. That sounds like a good idea. make sure to post pictures of it.
  8. Interesting, a game like this would be cool.
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  9. A new level of Parkour, Yeeee
  10. Parkour... but tag parkour.
  11. For this to work on EMC we would have to do it in the wild, if we really want people to die.
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  12. I feel like it would only work well if people died.
    EDIT- To add to that the people who are not it would be armorless with nothing but maybe speed potions(not sure on that one).
    The person who is it would have fire resist and a sharp 5 sword which would kill the people who are not it then "tagging" them or that individual person.
  13. Surprised I got so many people who actually liked this idea... was just a spur of thought.
  14. I was a bit confusing yesterday, ignore the swords part c;
    Anyways school bump... just writing a paper.
  15. There's a mod that does this to singleplayer worlds
  16. You should probably get permission from staff if it will be where someone could die.
  17. How would you use dispensers?
    I don't think it has an official name.
  18. I am not the one making it c;
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