[IDEA+EVENT]Empire Triathlon

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  1. I'm thinking we could make an EMC version of the Olympic Triathlon. There would be Horse Racing, Swimming, and Racing. I already have a horse course set up, so I just need to make a pool, and a racing track. If you want to help, please comment here!
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  2. You could also have boat racing
  3. for olympics, and archery, and 'fencing' (fighting), and, how bout building?
  4. I might idk I'm REALLY busy right now doing other things
  5. I can join, is it on smp7?
  6. I can help. Pm me with info or just tell me how I can help here.
  7. fighting isnt allowed, we can maybe ask a moderator to have a mob arena sort of thing, with mobs instead of pvp
  8. A triatholon is about racing not fighting. In real life they consist of a swim, bike, and run.
  9. We can also have spleef
    So who's in? we could make an application:

    Participating in building, scorekeeping, or events?
    Building: ______
    Events: _______
    Scorekeeping event: _____
  10. It can be olympics, not a triathlon(but includes events from triathlon)
  11. Slow down a little bit:p
    Princebee had the idea and may just want to simple triathalon. You could always make your own olympics. I am kind of bored on EMC and don't have any projects going on at the moment so I can help with that too if you want.
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  12. Too many fights would happen in my opinion.
  13. If it is run correctly with a redstone finish line then I don't think fights would break out.
  14. k, I'll make another thread
  15. 6002, smp3. Infront of spawn if you need it.
  16. Basically I need a race track and swimming pool made, I could make it on my res, or if someone else is willing to supply a res, then we could make it there. Plus I need to tear down some of my res to make it.
    Another way I thought of (just now), each person races individually and I use a stopwatch maybe... or I could always buy a server and set it up there...
    GL bro.

    Also, this isn't your event. And wow that's a lot of posts...
  17. I have an idea of the Beacon Olympics, a long time ago..... It I'm restore it right now.....
  18. yup ! :)
  19. like my signature?
  20. This sounds cool, I'm in/interested in helping if it goes through.