[IDEA] Achievements!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bennievv, May 22, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I got a cool idea:
    On the site, you can see the achievements you can get or already got.


    Message on the server:

    If you played 1 hour on the server you get this one.
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  2. Not a bad idea. I know that if we do impliment this, it won't be for a while, though because Justin is bogged down at the moment with work along with IRL stuff :)
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  3. Having a Leaderboard type incentive would be enough for most people. I've wondered if I built a minecart track for the On a Rail achievement if anyone would be interested in using it.
  4. Humm, this does seem as a cool idea, maybe adding stuff like : claiming a residence, becoming supporter, visiting wilderness, buying/selling something, using the vault, egggifying, earning x amount of rupees, reporting Someone correctly and other misc stuff that could help teaching the people around EMC...
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  5. yeah sounds good :)
  6. yes please, lets add more spam to the chatwindows.
  7. I think he means you get it through the forums?
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  8. Okay, THATs a nice idea then!

    I must have misunderstood something :)
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  9. Than my signature would be so long as the page...

    Like this... :p
  10. Just a page on your profile with your achievements (so little as this: , if you hold your mouse on it you get a bigger one (like the example). And the message in the chat is only for you, and you have to enable it.
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  11. Yeah like a COD MW3 Profile page, with your awards and such!
  12. bwahahahha yeah you could put it that way :3 actually that would be awesome
  13. This is a pretty cool idea :)