i was greifed

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  1. this is why i asked if we could protect the npc villages, this man was seen stealing and greifing and he tried to kill me. i have screenshots, his name is ryguyc99

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  2. :eek: OH NOEZ!!!! Stealing solutions - private your chest, if you've read the guide, (as I have done)
    you will know how to do this. Also, sorry shack, for not being online today, I was grounded from minecraft for sleeping while supposed to be doing homeschool.
  3. You can't lock chests in the wild yet.
  4. Really? Oh well, at least I know that you can lock doors in the wild. (Its been done! By me :))
  5. But what if the people dig right next to (or above) the chest? What if....... oh noez... forgot what I was about to say *Facepalm/Headdesk*
  6. I hope that I had no losses. I was in that NPC town that got greifed too!
    If I did, or if anyone else did, I reccommend doing what silly suggests, orrrrrrr, getting a lot.
  7. She/he is right. If you need a lot check out the server thing in the bar right below the words empireminecraft, it shows how many lots are open, and how many people are online, and if you get lost, use the live map for the server you're on.
  8. tshack i was on a half of hart so i want into a house and he said i toke his stuff and he kill me :(
    then i sware and got kick
  9. One - Empireminecraft is a no PvP server, even if you have damage flag in your res, players cannot hurt other players.
    Two - Swearing is stupid, and litttle kids can get on that server, and when I little, I mean kids 5-8 years old. Since most of us older then that, we have to be role models.
    Three - If you want to have more then half a heart, I'd suggest killing animals, or buying food, and you could also, I don't know, NOT go into the wild unprepared?
  10. Its in the wild and therefore avaliable to anyone, unless they use one of the non-pvp ways of killing you its not really griefing. You don't own the village, its fair game for anyone to do whatever they want to.
  11. Huh, I never thought of it that way.
  12. that actually doesn't look like your being killed but he could of take stuff out of the chest and idk why he would break the floor.. that does nothing so the only thing i believe you have against him is the chest picture :eek:
  13. 1. he kill me with sand
    2. i was so mad i him
    3.no animals
  14. ok then your number one and two reason is reasonable to get angry, but not to swear. And for your reason of number three....
    Get off your lazy minecraftain butt and find some.
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  15. Getting back to the topic stated in the thread title, i checked out ryguyc99 status only to find he had been temporary banned for swearing and being rude. I have exchanged this for a perm ban for stealing, griefing, swearing and being rude. If staff think this is unjustified please let me know.
  16. no objections here shaun =)
  17. Is this true? I have read the guide several times, and can't remember locking doors in the wild as being mentioned... could you post a link to this information?
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  18. On this server there is no way to officially 'lock' doors in the wild or nether sorry.
  19. Hmm Was He Griefing Well Technically He Wasn't Griefing He Was Stealing.A Lot Of People's Stuff Got Stolen This Often Because Of Stealer's.I Lost 64 Smooth Stone Bricks...And My House Got Griefed Big Time.So Maybe Just Maybe This Guy Was The One Alll Along We Don't Know The Mystery Will Be Long Not Answered Until That Day We Will Be Stolen And Griefed More And More I Think.