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  1. I've just been posting them to tumblr. You should check out my blog: http://quillpen-iv.tumblr.com/ (Younger members of EMC shouldn't check it out though.) Yeah, this thread is just kind of shameless self-promotion.
  2. how young is young
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  3. Just expect profanity of all forms. I wouldn't put an exact age on it; I don't think I'm the person to make that judgement call.
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  4. I'll not check it out then :rolleyes:
  5. Nothing to see here. Just a random bump.
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  6. Oh, you know, just still posting things.
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  8. Ha ha ha ha! :D

    Ok, that first comic had me laugh and honestly; I wasn't reading your mind (much), I promise! :) Its been ages since I've been to Soundcloud, nice to see some other people actively using it too (I'm a synth / audio nut).

    From the looks of it I'm going to enjoy this part of the forum very much...
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  9. So I first got the idea for this story in like late Winter/early Spring of this year. At the time, I was trying to break down why I liked certain poetic, occult influenced comics that DC put out in the 80s (especially) and 90s, and I had an image of the last thing in this intro. I thought at the time that I would write a comic book script out of this, but I kind of got stuck on the story, and comic books scripts are kind of hard to write. So I did nothing with it. Maybe four months or so ago I tried just writing it as prose, but still got stuck and bored. But then a couple of days ago, it hit me — Why not write it as poetry? And last night as I was falling asleep, I got an idea of how I wanted to format it. So anyway, today I wrote an intro to what may one day be a complete story. I’m kind of proud of what I’ve got written, but I barely have any of the specific details worked out; I’ve just kind of built up the world. So it will be a while (maybe never) before I have a full version of this to post, but for now, if you lovely people of the internet would read this intro and give me feedback, I would be forever grateful. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bdcatfyv082a37/Daemon - Intro.odt?dl=0 (It’s a dropbox link to a file, because the formatting wouldn’t work on tumblr. Sorry, but I promise it’s just a file of the story and nothing more.) Also, I'm looking to change the names of William and Catherine, if anyone has suggestions.
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