I shall claim EMC as part of the New Zeanada empire

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  1. *I never said I bombed anything.*

    We are currently at war with the evil Ameristrallia over who takes turns owning the internet.

    *Please see Reddit for understanding*

  2. What...?
  3. On Reddit, the USA and Australia like taking turns controlling Reddit, due to time zones, so they made Ameristrallia. Some people then made New Zeanada, as Canada and New Zealand are in the same time zones as the USA and Australia, and, for some reason, are now locked in a "fighter" with each other.
  4. Oh…so Internet warfare?
  5. Ok... so this is odd... Especially since New Zealand is always at least 2 hours ahead of Australia...
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  6. Yes. Pointless, but turns very amusing.
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  7. Regardless of the fact that I have never been on reddit, I fixed this for you.

    Canada is America's hat. Hats don't own things.
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  8. I would prefer if you didn't edit my threads for pointless reasons.
  9. Pointless threads warrant pointless edits. But either way, I'll put everything back.
  10. We will win this war. The internet shall be ours...
  11. do we need to go 1812 on the yanks again?
  12. My NewZealand internet...
    all mine...
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  13. You mean, OUR new Zeanada?

    We shall bomb them with syrup and birds and people named after fruits.
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  14. Canada is America's hat. Not the United States'.
  15. Planning on burning down the White House again, are you now? :p
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  16. On news yesterday...someone posted something like that on twitter and nearly crashed the stock market...
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  17. LOL.
    But yeah, the White House was burned down in 1814, not 2013…
  18. No, we are going to leave the White House alone, and instead we will completely destroy Hollywood.
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  19. Noooooooooooooo....why don't we cut down the maple trees in Canada and destroy the ecosystem there?