I need red wool and obsidian

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  1. Hey guys, im building this massive castle... made of... Obsidian! Its gunna be massive, in parts as tall of 30 high (Maybe, havnt figured out the scale yet). I need red wool as well. As there are gunna be roofs of red wool and other parts with it. It will have a mini shop in it somewhere which will mianly sell obsidian red wool lava redstone and some diamond tools and enchanted tools. Right now i really need donations in money and or in forms of red wool or obsidian, I will leave chest(s) with access signs for the public to donate red wool and obsidian. Thanks again guys. Res Number is: 15177.
    Thanks again guys!
  2. I will sound harsh, but... why wont people make their shops out of something they can afford? Or work out for materials themselves? You are going to earn money with shop afterwards....
  3. Make an obsidian generator, and mine the obsidian yourself. I will give you a diamond pickaxe if you do not have one.
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  4. But then he will need redstone, or string.
  5. Don't do [ ACCESS ] chests please, people will only steal from them.
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  6. He can always buy them from shops or go out mining in the wilderness, you dont expect me to provide everything dont you?
  7. Did I ever say that you had do......? :confused:
  8. Ah.. My bad. I mis-intepreted it. Sorry about that :p But yes, he'll need redstone/string for the generator.
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  9. I won't donate anything to you that doesn't require some effort on your behalf. I will make/help you make an obsidian generator if you need one. They are pretty easy to make and don't require a lot of materials.

    If you don't have access to a spider spawner/grinder for string I can help with that also. They are pretty easy to find and build.

    The red wool is easy. Make an enclosure and get two sheep eggs. Dye them red. Make a wheat farm and feed them until you have however many red sheep it takes so that you can constantly clip them without having wool-less ones.

    If you want a little digging help for underground enslosures or something, ask. I don't mind helping people dig or whatever as long as they are helping themselves.
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  10. or he could find a cave spider spawner make a grinder and then get unlimited string
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  11. Jkjkjk, shhh... We weren't supposed to notice.
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  12. You have absolutely no clue how much of a pain in the rump it is to make a spider grinder do you ._.
  13. Pab, you mentioned something about a spider spawner with string? That would help
  14. But i bet its worth it in the end
  15. Eh, you would be better off with a Zombie or Skelly grinder. the drops are better and spiders are REALLY hard to deal with grinder wise if you don't know what your doing (I didn't ._. )
  16. But I need the string from the spider :p
  17. Then my good man
    I salute you for your bravery and wish you luck as you descend in the the deadly abyss that is Spider Grinders.....
  18. You are aware there are shops in the Empire, right? By the way, if you aren't aware, don't shop at /shop. Instead try 1111 or 2433 (Both SMP1) although you may live on another EMC server (You can move items from any server using /vault!)
  19. hahaah thanks :D