I need ideas!

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  1. Hey guys ! I have recently cleared my 4th res and i dont know what to build on it. NO I will not build a HOTEL, POOL, or CASINO (I don't know much about redstone) BTW it's on smp1 so if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them :)
  2. An under-lava home. <--- That's original. ;)
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  3. wicked awesome! lol
  4. Minimoose and gir
  5. Rainbow Dash... with cake.
  6. With a lava fountain shooting from the center. And, for Rob's sake, cake.
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  7. Make a house out of cake,
    even better.
    Make it a Candy themed res, using wool for different types of candy, and the whole floor of the res cake.
  8. Make a super awesome obstacle course, filled with parkour, puzzles, mazes, ect.
  9. lol what's a rainbow dash?
    lol like candy land !
  10. Hmm.. a gingerbread house? :p
  11. +




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  12. O i got a super cool idea! A house :p Just kidding maybe like sneeker said, mazes are always fun.
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  14. Either a GIANT farm, a GIANT cobble/obsidian generator, or a GIANT geo-dome like at 1254. So basically something giant. (add cake too :p)
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  15. lol I love the candy land kinda idea that tai gave me
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  16. A winter wonderland? :p
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  17. Make a your Res a Mushroom Biome. Or the end.
  18. Pinkie pie with a cupcake