I need help! My Minecraft almost got hacked!

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  1. The title says it all! Can anyone give me tips on how to further improve internet security?

    Story: My friend Dark_Balor develops a Bukkit plugin called AdminCMD, its a well known plugin and used by allot of server owners. He created a website for his plugin and I of course registered for it because I manage his Wiki page. But when just a few days ago a hacker has hacked my account for the website and I'm guessing trying to hack my entire internet stuff. I then converted into a Mojang account, changed my password, changed my email, changed EVERYTHING! The only problem is that the hacker can still log into my Minecraft account (He can't change anything anymore because he doesn't know anything about my Mojang account). I do hope that he doesn't find EMC and act out of order. So if you have any tips on how to further improve my digital life please post a couple of tips below!
  2. Well, this 'hacker' you talk about seems weird to me.
    Hacking into several accounts on different protected websites is not easy, i believe this is going more than hacking into a personal matter, maybe someone really close to you (in MC) it's now hating you or something?
    You will be safe as soon as you change your passwords everywhere, thing is that this encripted websites are protected, because they move money and they need to.
    If i were you, i would lower my famous status and just use minecraft to play on EMC and check the forums, having multitple accounts everywhere gets your chance of getting 'hacked' bigger.
    Check for any mods you have installed, as also for the launcher you use, i reccomend checking for any virus at your pc the famous keyloggers.

    Try to run security checks with your anti-virus.
  3. Well... tbh the website and my MC account had the same password. I know its dumb and stupid but I didn't realize it till now. Also I do not download allot of things. Only thing I have in my Minecraft is Inv tweaks and mod loader. AND YES! I am pretty sure its the website NOT minecraft. I'm a very secure person its just that the website has poor security measures.

    EDIT: ALSO! What I meant by changing my email. I meant changing to a different email address not converting to a different service.
  4. Sounds like to be that you have a R.A.T.
    I have personally ratted people(Nothing illegal), and it sounds like thats whats happening to you.
    you said you don't download much. Is that in general or just about MC? Have you downloaded anything off of a youtube link, or a forum by a member that you don't know all that well?(High post count or not)

    Those are the most common two ways of getting slaves, so I'd check anything you've downloaded since 48-72 Hrs before you noticed stuff happening. If you turn off and back on your computer, do you get a random/strange error message that started fairly recently(doesn't always happen)...
    just some of the signs of this..

    if you do find your ratted, generally there is nothing you can do to the file in question(you may be able to delete the link, but rats have an injection feature(some) in which they basicly inject themselves into multiple different files (files that every computer has, or that the owner of the rat assumes his slaves will have). So your best, and possibly only, option would be to reboot your computer back a few days/weeks, or longer - as far back as you wish to go, to be safe.

    if you find your not ratted, then I just wasted a whole lot of time writing this, and I don't know what to say.
  5. HAHA, sorry to inform you that you wasted a whole lot of time writing it. I have no "rats" my computer is 99.99% secure. It's not computer/hardware related, my computer boots fine and stuff. Its my Minecraft account I'm worried about. All my email passwords change every 3 months or so often so I have nothing to worry about my email accounts. But my Minecraft account is exposed! When I recently found out about this I checked my unused email (former Minecraft email, no longer used when converted to Mojang account) and it stated that someone tried to change my password but failed in attempt because the hacker does not know my email password. My email passwords are FAR different to my external accounts.
  6. sounds like your safe then - if they have your email, but can't get onto it, there is no risk. your issue is, if they really wanna get on your account, they're going to/ going to hire someone to bruteforce your email...
  7. I hope that doesn't happen...
  8. unlikely - seeing that minecraft is a 20 bucks game if you buy it legit, and 14 cents/account(if you buy in bulk of 300 or more) if you buy from a forum that has people who sell them, just isn't worth it to get onto one persons account to put that much effort.
  9. The Mojang - Support Centre page states:

    "If you have migrated your account, and are concerned that someone has access to your old password (because it cannot be changed after migration), please contact us HERE, and we can randomize the old password, rendering it unusable."

    I would recommend doing that.

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    I cant find my Transaction ID!
  11. Johns if he is ratted.The hacker can see him through his webcam :O.

    R.A.T:Remote Admin Tool