I need an Animator/artist

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  1. Ok so i am on the verge of launching a server, I have the server itself nearly ready and all that, i have a Youtube page for it that i am 99% finished with, and i am in the process of making a website for the server itself. HOWEVER. I need for both the Youtube intro video as well as the welcome video for the website, an animation. The animation itself would not be very long maybe 10-15 seconds at most.
    I have absolutely NO experience in animation whatsoever. So i am asking the EMC community if any of you would be nice enough to give me a helping hand here!/Give me some tips on what software to look into in case i end up having to attempt this.
    I am not expecting anyone to offer up but i just wanted to throw it out there.

    Here is an example of what i am talking about. (Not necessarily that kind of animation)


    If you would like to do art/animations for the website/Youtube page, PM me and let me know!
    Also, you should not have a problem with drawing/animating ponies.....
    Your art would be seen by a good amount of people so....yeah.....

    Also, this is not a server that will end up with like 6 people on it at most, due to the fact i have some friends who like to blab about everything they hear, i already have a good amount of people awaiting the launch of the server.
    Thank you all!
    (I hope i'm not like breaking rules or anything by posting this ._.)
  2. Or i could get a Commission done
    I don't think sometimes.....