I need a new study in the empire!

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  1. Study the amazing builds on all the servers.
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  2. Compare and contrast architechtural styles at the LLO.
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  3. * architectural (love spell check)

    Or just architectural styles everywhere on EMC.
  4. Please Be more specific like why are they built?
    I couldn't rly do that because the empire constantly change and I do why questions most of the time
  5. How about the study of spawneggs in relation to actual worth, eggification, most bought/used, and importance to the economy.
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  6. That's actually a great idea but ill pick the winner at 10PM pacific time
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  7. K. I'm surprised because I randomly picked that topic though it is quite interesting. If you do do this study, I would be interested in taking part in it.
  8. Np you can also take part with it and it could be me or eligab in the support to
    Also keep in mind I haven't picked
  9. OK. Just saying just in case you do chose this..
  10. Kk
    BTW I'm still accepting till 10pm pacific time or in about 3hr and 30min
  11. study how much the stats on a horse make their price rise.
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  12. I would but I got no horses due to my old res 2543 being force claimed. Also i got to wait for StarRock13 to give me a specific horse :p
    Edit: but I still could it just would be difficult so it could be pushed to April though
  13. All you would need to do is go around the empire and check shop prices that correspond to horse stats
  14. Oh yah... Lol I should have done that too. XD I was thinking the other way around
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  15. Good idea.
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  16. I have a massive hay bale built by another player just to show uniqueness. you could study builds and why they are unique.
  17. I could and let me add; why they are built :)
  18. Study how many of different common blocks are used in the empire.

    You will need to count every single block used in a build and add them all up. :)
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  19. Maybe I would but I'm counting out the counting :)