i need a logger and a farmer! will pay 200 rupees every two days, or we can negotiate a deal

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  1. Hey guys. I've recently upgraded my account to 'Diamond' supporter. and im going to use
    2 of the res'es for a wood farm and a wheat and melon farm.

    so im going to need someone to chop down trees, put those logs into a chest for me to collect
    and replant the trees again. i will pay you 200 rupees every 2 days, but we can negotiate.
    obviously im going to need to give you build rights and container rights, so you would need to be
    very trust worthy. and if you were to abuse those rights, well i will figure that out when i get to it.
    on top of the rupees, for ever 4 max stacks of wood. you will get 2 max stacks of wood.
    we can sort out other deals later. There will be a small cottage filled with cake, tools,
    sapplings and any other important supplies. you will live here for free. but you are
    not to take the supplies and sell them, they are for your use only

    The wheat and melon farm will be very similar. you will be required to harvest and grow
    wheat. and just harvest melons. then you would deposit that wheat a melon into chests in
    a small cottage in the middle of the farm. you would get paid 200 rupees every two days
    or we can negotiate. on top of the rupees for every 3 max stacks of melon, you will get one\
    same goes for wheat. we can negotiate the deals also. You will have all the rights required
    to live on the farm. you will be able to live in the cottage for free. there will be cake, tools and other
    supplies for you to live there. but you are
    not to take the supplies and sell them, they are for your use only

    the reason im going to need you to do this, is because im in the middle of building
    a mega store. And i need to be partly self sufficient, i have other suppliers, but i supply
    my own bread, seeds, wheat, melons etc... Im also going to need employees
    in my store, but the store isnt even near done.

    If you are interested please send me a Pm. obviously my name is shames611 and im
    part of the Whitosify team.

    Cheers, Shane :D
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  2. That sounds good. I'll pm you now =) i woldnt mind being a logger, if you boost the pay by 100 rupees?
  3. I suppose i could boost your pay by 100. :D
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  4. I actully dont need the job at the moment. sorry to waste your time. im going on holiday.
    so leave it open for other people.
  5. I'll take the job! pm me the info and when youll be on (after 3:eek:o) and Ill be ther!!!
  6. okay, so i've posted you the details. thankyou for replying to my post :D
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  7. You don't have to give them container permission, just give them there own chest by placing a [Acces] name blow sign :p
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