I have no bedrock :(

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by chris_jackson, May 6, 2012.

  1. I have just descovered today I have no bedrock on my plot what can I do any ideas?
  2. This was a glitch that happened with 1.2.4 (i think)
    A res reset will make bedrock come back, Justin fixed it
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  3. Oh thats not good, you can make void-incinerators
  4. Make some skydiving! Jump down from 256 and fall down forever!
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  5. just tell a senior moderator/admin and they will come along go on creative and place bedrock there for you :D
  6. I want a lot that is just nothingness...
  7. Ok thanks I will get intouch with a someone and get it fixed.
  8. Yeah, it was a glitch in one of the updates. I think it had to do with if you reset your res during a certain period of time, then the bedrock disappeared. It's interesting, because I know a few people whi decided to sell tickets for 'Void Dives' and made quite a bit.