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    I used no dyes.

    I did not shear it.
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  2. I have never seen a pink sheep. You must be the luckiest person I have ever talked to.
  3. I shall name him misfit.
  4. I have only seen one once, and at the time I was slaughtering all animals in sight, I thought it was a pig because it was pretty dark sky at the time, and before I could stop myself there was pink wool lying on the ground :(
    Keep him safe and treasure him, he should be your precious......
  5. It sucks I couldn't take him with me...
  6. I just checked wiki, there is only a 0.164% chance of pink sheep generating naturally, that's very slim. Nice find.
    Maybe you can wait for update when sheep produce mutton and you can always carry a piece of misfit with you. (A bit dark??...maybe)
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  7. i have seen only one naturally colored sheep, it was red XD
  8. Therese red sheep?
  9. well, since i found one, yes
  10. i saw a pink sheep and brown and grey and black. anyone see neon green yet? XD
  11. Nice find! :)
  12. i found one in town once! i captured it but hen my lot was greifed by fire ball and he sheared it :(
  13. A few minutes after 1.0.0 was released I generated a world while running aeound looking for a stronghold I saw the little thing staring at me with its wierd eyes and was like "Notch what have you done now?!"
  14. :O that's awesome!
  15. I think he's referring to blood
  16. I found a pink sheep in one of my singleplayer games.
    I put it in a fence and named it Tellulah. :D
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  17. Red sheep don't spawn naturally. Somebody dyed it, no doubt. :)
  18. it was on single player XD