I have a great fire alerting system.

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  1. My invention is a simple redstone fire alarm. This is how it works. You place a flammable block under some sand or gravel. Then you place redstone on top of it. The red stone would lead to a small room. If their is a fire, the flammable block should burn away, breaking the redstone current. You would place a redstone torch at the breaking point. So far, I can only get this to work on ground level but will keeping working on it so it can go up floors. I will put a mini one on my lot if you would like to see how it works.
  2. or you could disable fire spread in your lot with the "spread" flag....
  3. Good point. But you could use this in a survival single player.
  4. true, but if there is a house fire in ssp, chances are, you started it in the first place :D
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  5. What is the command exactly? I haven't seen it around...My house is mostly wood. I'd rather not have someone walk along and simply take a flint and steel to it.
  6. Command is /res set firespread false, to stop fires starting and spreading. This also stops grass/mycelium spreading too, so it is a tough compromise to make.
  7. No grass growth...Touche...
  8. And, as I stated on a different thread, it also stops mushroom / vine spreading. :)
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  9. well, as long as you arent starting a mushroom/vine farm, and you dont need to worry about grass, its perfect if you want a wood house with fire for a roof :D
  10. Justin is hoping to eventually find a way to get around this spread predicament, but it may not be within his ability until minecraft itself opens that avenue for him :)
  11. Wow would be nice for multiplayer on pvp server
    If someone wanna burn your house :)
  12. As long as they don't have permissions on your res, this would be impossible as well. :)