I hate it when people steal from chests in the wilderness

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  1. Me and corn3000 were mining with our hands because people had stolen all of our chest items in the wilderness, a zombie jumped out at us we had no swords to fight it with because they had been stolen so we dug our way up and out. i had one hunger and one health by the time we got out but corn3000 had some wheat in his inventory so he quickly cut a tree down and made a crafting table to make some bread. we slowly built ourselves a bunker and are now looking to find a way out. i would like someone to come forward if they have any information about this as corn3000's house was connected to the mine and its walls and glass had been smashed, many valuable items he had mined had been stolen, as well as the swords we had for an emergency. we will look for that house and then try to find our way back to the spawn and eventually to town so we can return to our res
  2. Locked chests are the way to go in the wild. Sorry for your loss.
  3. You should also hide yourself from the live map, idk how much it will help tho.
  4. we are locking the chests in the bunker and corn3000 thinks that he can find his way back to the wrecked house so we should be in town in a few days
  5. Lock your chests, then you won't lose items. There isn't much you can do for griefers other than go WAY out there, and periodically return to town.
  6. Ill organize a search party if u want, what emc server???
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  7. search party for what? if its for the house, there are to many broken ones out there that where ravaged by greifers anyway...
    honestly the only way to be safe is to not put effort into making it look nice outside, and lock. your. chests.

    PS. why where you mining with your hands? you came without any tools?!?!?!?!?!!?
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  8. just yesterday i was mining around and ran into someone elses mine, with a chest. i actually put a bunch of stuff in it that i had too much of lol. which is normally what i do when i find someones chest. :D makes them smile (even though they have no idea it was me) mwahahah. lol
  9. I've done the same thing. I'm more worried they're going to think I've put trash in there, but oh well... better than taking, nonetheless. :p
  10. agreed! what really grinds my gears though is when somebody takes a chest full of dirt. really? your whole res is FULL OF DIRT. and then they take the chest too. and when they knock down your hidden wall to get in. its so annoying! once i was stolen from with a big chest of cobble. then a few minutes later a friend of mine was being spammed at his shop with the exact amount of cobble that i had (aka selling then buying it back, it wasnt a very good system) he was loosing money. he quit EMC because of that douchebag.
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  11. we managed to escape, but with very little, thank god we had pumpkin seeds. we killed spiders and cut trees for a fishing rod, and we mined cobble for a furnace, and made a stash of raw fish to escape with
  12. I've been doing that since I came on the EMC servers. I wish I could place a camera and record their expression when they see the extra stuff. Would be fun to watch. ;)

    I leave good stuff, coal, wood, iron or diamond tools ....etc
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  13. And a better thing to do as well is cover your house in dirt and make it look like a hil, so people coming across it won't suspect anything and it won't be visible on the live map!
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  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it against the rules to steal from chests in the wilderness period? Even if the chest is unlocked? I would imagine you would need solid proof though.

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  15. Best thing to do is to hide the chest under something and break thr blocks anytime you need access to it it woklrked for me on SMP9.
  16. some people are actually so ignorant they use a hack that lets them see right to your precious chest :(
  17. Yeah, I think that takes all the fun out of the game to use something like a X-Ray texture pack, part of the fun is to adventure, and have to discover your treasures!
  18. i honestly don't see at all why they even need something like that either... i mean, it is a game. really? play fair :( you gain a pixel item that isn't even real. >.< sometimes people need hit with a fork, or bat, or a car, ya know... maybe might learn something on the way down.
  19. but then a large chunk of people would kinda, you know, die? due to you? and there isnt minecraft in prison. lets just stick with banning them ;)
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  20. Although this was a long time ago, thanks for everyone's support, the bunker is built into the side of a cliff and is hard to find. We also built a house under an iced over lake. Sorry for posting this after ages
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