I can't find the end portal

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by h3i1ig, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. I'm playing in SMP2 in the frontier and FINALLY gathered enough enderpearls and blaze rods to find the end portal. I have gotten to coordinates where the ender eye will stay stationary when thrown, but there's no end portal there. I thought I read somewhere in the rules that we would have to make our own way to the end, and that there was no warp for it. Is this still correct? If so, could I get some help prease?
  2. Ender Pearls broke with one of the updates a year or two ago. They still work in the wastelands though.
  3. Here's comfirmation by Aikar that they are broken and an alternative:


    There are supposed to be three strongholds per server evenly spaced around a radius around 600-1100ish blocks out. I've had some odd results looking for them in the Waste, but eventually found one by switching sides. The Frontier strongholds have probably all been found so you can probably use Live Map for clues on where to search.

    I've also seen coordinates posted in the past, but they seem to have been buried by the sands of Forum time.