I cant even...

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If you go to sleep, and the next day was opposite day, would you even wake up?

No, because the opposite of waking up is going back to sleep. 1 vote(s) 20.0%
Yes, because Opposite day isnt real...LOL 4 vote(s) 80.0%
  1. So I decide to get on Smp7 real fast just as a quick break from studying for finals. I get on and start to work on a Sphinx out in the desert. I am not even playing for two minutes and this happens...
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    I cant even...
    This isnt the first time this has happened either. The very first time I went out in the wilderness and found the desert where I made my home, a Momentus spawned there. MY FIRST TIME. I died 3 times each killing them. Got the same drops both times. Some frags, some shiny flesh, a zombie head, etc.
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    Here he is. Sigh. So I killed him after dying 3 times and here is the loot.
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    I just cant even...
    I was just trying to peacefully build a nice Sphinx...dang it Momentus...
    I did that with only starter armor and tools btw on difficulty 5. So...yeah. Not complaining that I ran into him...or am I? Just thought I would share haha. :D
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  2. Noice :)
    Ever not want to kill it, contact me I love em XD
  3. if u dont like mini bosses 2 spawn then u can turn it off if u do /ps.

    but lucky that u had soulbound armor, i once lost all my stuff b/c momentus ate it ^.^
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  4. If it's too hard for you, you can lower your difficulty with /diff 1-10

    It's currently set to 5, so you could set it to either 1, 2, 3 or 4, but this will yield less drops and tokens

    Edit: And congrats on defeating your first momentus! I still know how happy I was when I defeated my first one :)
  5. I CANT EVEN!!
    I logged in for not even a few seconds because I forgot to put a pillar where I killed the Momentus. At the outpost I live at, I put pillars where I kill boss mobs and i forgot to put one for the Momentus I killed yesterday. The moment I log in...
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    I didnt even have time to turn my difficulty down...
    After fighting it for over an hour and losing all my starter armor and all my bows, I finally killed it...
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    So yeah. Ridiculous. I have only logged in 3 times so far out in the wilderness and EVERY time I have logged in a boss mob has spawned. Momentus twice and Marlix once. Sigh. I will turn my difficulty down before logging in again on that server. I cant even...
  6. Haha, nice! I'm not a fan of minibosses either. I've died to minibosses a bit too many times.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I died fighting Marlix probably 20+ times haha. I fought him next to my bed so I would respawn right next to him, but I didnt think that through because I didnt have a bow upon respawn haha.