Humble beginnings of 4 Square

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  1. So, now that the staff have agreed to become more active on a particular server, I was given smp9.
    I have had many failed projects that I have began but never finished... Hopefully this will not be another one of these projects... :p

    So, I managed to get 4 plots in a square and decided to name it 4 Square. :)
    Day 1:
    Tree Farm

    Storage Plot

    Future projects.. House and additional farms.
  2. Who is smp1? In other words, who's who? We'll miss you bro. Especially me. And Franklin the Cow. Sorry, I yap too much.
  3. I have been basically on SMP1 since well, we launched, :p so I will remain on as SMP1's active rep. :p
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  4. It's nice that things are working out for you. :)

    The system won't even let me claim a fourth residence. :(
  5. So, your making a community farm and housing, or is this only for you?
  6. I'm interested to know who's affiliated with which server now too!
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  7. The information will be released when the few remaining bugs are ironed out. There are some other topics that will be covered, as well. It's always been one of Justin's and Jeremy's main objectives to keep the entire community involved in both idea creation and the decision making process. Every staff member backs them on this goal.
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  8. All for me. :D
    Sorry, I don't share... Too much opportunity for grief. However, I do plan on doing something nice with the areas once I come up with a semi-definitive plan for my structures. Just imagine what you did on your residence on your first day. :D

    You planted trees, built some chests and went exploring. :)
    Same principal, on a larger scale. I am currently out in the wilderness in a rather intricate cave I found. I am going to harvest out the ores and then continue on to building a 20x20 quarry and later I will look into building a larger one.. :)

    Things take time. Rome wasn't built in a day.
    Glass Shelf was never completed either....So, yeah. haha.
  9. That's cool! I just thought that when you said more housing, you meant apartments or something like that. :)
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  10. Adjusted my words. :) Now says House and additional farms. :p