How to survive in the wild.

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  1. Here, I will tell you some ways to survive in the wild.

    ZOMG A WOLF JUST GOT RED EYES AND ITS CHASING ME!!111 WHAT DO! WHAT DO! Well, you can try to kill it, and risk BEING killed, or you can jump in some nice, cool, water. Why jump in water? Wolfs cant hurt you in water. This is because of a bug.

    ZOMG I SEE A TALL BLACK THING! WHAT DO! WHAT DO! DON'T, STARE, AT, IT! Once you do, it will get mad, and teleport to you. Because of a bug, Endermen will not shake and open their mouths in any SMP sever like they do in single play.

    ZOMG A GREEN BOGER THING IS CHASING ME!!! WHAT DO! WHAT DO! Well, those "boger" things are called creepers, and unlike what most people say, their pretty easy to kill if your not being a moron. Just punch and step back, repeat. Another thing you can do if your to much of a wimp is get in some water, and sink down. Let the creeper explode, go back up. You should have none to little damage done to you.

    ZOMG I NEED A SHELTER TO STAY IN FOR THE NIGHT! WHAT BUILD OUT OF! WHAT BUILD OUT OF! Well, if you have no time to build, dig down three blocks, make a one block space for a torch, and cover up the opening. Stay down their for 5 to 10 mins. If you have enough time to build a real shack, I suggest wood or stone. Use dirt if you have to.

    WHAT SHOULD I BRING OUT INTO THE WILD WITH ME?!?! Some food. Eat meat only if you need it. If you only need a little bit of food, eat a melon slice. Another thing you should bring is some milk, if you get sick from eating raw meat. A sword is also a must have. As for armor, bring some basic leather armor if your not going out for long. Bring iron armor if your going out for a long time.

    Well that's all!
  2. If only I had this when I first started playing MC... :p (Except Endermen and Food were non-issues.)
  3. Thanks and also, I am trying to be the first person to make it to all four outpost by walking in all of EMC. If this has been done, the first person to walk to them all in SMP3.
  4. no, the best is to stay near wild protection
  5. Which means you want to buy all your stuff. Meaning, your a wimp.
  6. wimp like me have 10x more rupees than u, cause we won't risk our life
  7. No need to be fighty, being fighty isn't conducive to being friendly. :)
  8. Since you lose rupees for being killed. Look, I am walking to the south outpost in SMP3. Have never died, and I am planing to walk to the other three.
  9. Mission: to be more like crazy1080

  10. Good Luck Mrlegit
  11. who really needs the rupees anyways lol, i gather all my stuff myself most of the time XD
  12. You can do that, Mrlegit, so long as you don't break my Farthest Distance Traveled record. :p
  13. how far is that farthest distance crazy?
  14. How far is that?
  15. I DID IT! WOOT!
  16. congratulation, and please Show us some screen shots... can't wait to see

  17. Farthest distance away from spawn is held by me, 56,000 blocks
    Farthest distance traveled is (probably) held by me, being over 300,000 blocks.

    (Or something like that. :P)
  18. Sorry, I didn't take any. Mostly so if you want to see it, you have to go see it, walking to the south outpost, or walking back to the main one. I do have a marker saying that I made land fall on some ice. The look at the live map, go south, keep going until you see a large sea, keep going until you see a large snow biome. off the coast should be a sign.
  19. That's really crazy.