How to make the perfect barbecue :D.

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  1. Yesterday me and my friends did a barbecue, to celebrate my BDay. We had some problems to start the fire. So we used some random home stuff we found.

    After that, add a little alcohol to cook meat faster :D.

    And then we had some fun with some things. We also broke the grill because of a explocion. :D.

    Do not try this in your hosue, we haved 2 fire extiquisher. And 3 adults with us.
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  2. That's all cool and stuff, but playing around with fire...?
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  3. Fire is good mkay
  4. Thats why I'll always have a job lol :D
  5. Fun, hope you had a great day, and by the looks of it, you did!
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  6. What language are you guys talking?
  7. EspaƱol :D.
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  8. #blamemaxarias
  9. Why maxarias?
  10. She loves fire.
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  11. Not like me :D. But not like my dad because he almost died from fire. But he still love fire :D.
  12. You have one weird family... ;) (with even weirder dreams)
  13. You coulda gone to the servo and gotten some petrol, poured it on and add some crackers to it.
    Our Christmas pork caught alight on the barbie. Dogs had a great Christmas feast
  14. Last pyro bump :D.
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