how to improve the spawn rate in the dark room grinder??

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  1. I have made a ethoslab dark room grinder but the results are not very good. it's like the spawn rate is in the tutorial but it's low. and all the caves are lit up.

    I can't extend the grinder in front or back. because in front I have have a skeleton spawner trap. and in the back I can't move the mobavator. so I can only extend from the sides.

    how many pads I should make to get high spawn rate???

    note: the pads in the grinder is 14 by 14.

    and my second problem is the ender mans keep taking the blocks from the spawning pads
    (I am using grass)

    if I changed the block type is it will effect on the spawn rate???
  2. I would suggest changing it to cobblestone and I would light area around to at least 150 radius to get most out of it. Yes that sounds like a lot of work and resources but you will get most out of it. I would say if still early in project move it over water so don't have worry about top side spawning rates and typing /entc will help greatly
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  3. it's already in the ocean
  4. what number of pads could I make to increase it ?? I have 2 pads 14 by 14 like in the tutorial
  5. How far away are you from the spawning pads? My mistake when building my first was afking about 10 blocks away.
  6. the collection area is 6 blocks from the pads. I am always standing on it
  7. That may be the problem-- you have to be 24 blocks away from an area for mobs to spawn on it.
  8. when I saw the ethoslab tutorial it's the same rate of my grinder but I want to improve it
  9. You need to stand further away. If you stand 6 blocks from the trap, only the mobs in the far corner will spawn.
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  10. You only have to be 12 block's away.

    The block type dose not matter but is best you don't use some thing a enderman can pick up and move. (cobblestone or any stone, I think nether rack works to and is easy to get.

    [Edit] Only leave two block's above the spawning pads this way enderman cant spawn in your dark room (they need three block high to spawn)

    I like to use a 3x3 spawn pad with a halfslab in the middle. This is so they will walk off the spawning pad and into your trap faster. but if you want spiders to spawn don't use the halfslab and leave two air block's in between the spawning pad's.

    You can build high in the sky 150 ~ 250 so you don't have to worry a bought lighting up caves 100%

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  11. I have one of these and i have a very good spawn rate. i have atleast 20 mobs every min. i built mine after the wild reset a while ago so idk if that is why or what
  12. Nether Brains? lol!
  13. I don't get it :confused:¿?¿
  14. No, it's 24, as mentioned on the other thread.
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  15. There is pretty much a flaw now with dark room spawners based on our server changes.

    We have a concept of "Density" that vanilla doesnt, so if monsters are not getting out of the spawn chambers quick enough, it will block others from spawning....

    After we settle down with some big updates, I will look into seeing if I can bring natural spawn grinders close to normal throughput.
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  16. If that where true then my grinder would not work at all.
    As you can see in the pic its 15 block's from where I stand and the cells are 9x9 (not including the walls) so @24 blocks & beyond there are no spawning pads.

    My grinder works so idk :p
  17. The texturepack made the netherack look like brains.
  18. Darkvilla, it is 24. It is in vanilla too.
  19. Ok so After my last post I went into SP creative and yes 24 correct.

    Then I logged into emc and built a 9x9 platform and moved 12 block's away and no spawns, moved 24 and spawns.

    So I was wrong and I am sorry to have been so thick a bought it.

    So then I completely tore down & rebuilt my dark room. Now keep in mind my old one would fill up to 90 mobs in 10 minutes.
    The new one to which is the same just 24 blocks away not 15, Now takes 20 minutes to fill to 90 mobs.
    This is why I felt that 12 was the distance before, I thought the old set up worked so well.

    So I'm very confused as to whats going on with spawns, why it worked better in a situation that should not have work well at all and not work well in a situation that should work well.
  20. are you judging your spawns by /entcount? because if you are it is wrong. It is counting the mobs in the caves too. The only reason I think that you are wrong is because the mobcap in vanilla is around 70 hostile mobs, around 82 at absolute most. So getting 90 mobs in your system is unrealistic.