How smart our world is today.

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  1. For those who haven't seen this...
    Its real...

    She speaks fluent American...
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  2. Hahahaha I'm laughing my head off
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  3. I've seen this on facebook for like a million times. A lot of people say it's a joke :p
  4. I believe the original video has like 24 million views
  5. I believe that this is actually a joke, she did another one after it, can't seem to find it though... I've seen so many reaction videos to this and it's amazing :p
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  6. A video I found that was related to this:

    "Like, pray to the presidents"
  7. *Fixed. See, I can speak fluent British despite that language barrier. :)
  8. I hope to God that it is a joke. She did another where she said something along the following;
    "So I was talking to a guy from England. While he didn't speak American, I was able to understand him. But then I said I wanted the Sims 4 and hoped he would buy it for me. He said he wanted it too. I then asked how much it cost in England. He said it is 15 pounds. I was confused because I asked how much it cost, not weighed. It must be because England is so far away from America and is near Jupiter or the Sun".
  9. Sorry can this be translated into Canadian?
  10. :D So funny I laughed so hard
  11. lol that has to be a joke.
    By the way I speak 4 languages. American, Canadian, British, And Australian :) try to beat that :p
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  12. It isn't called "British". It is "English".
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  13. So in other words, English, English, English, and more English? ;) :p
  14. I can speak American, North American, United States[an], Canadian, British, Great Britain, England, United Kingdom, Australian, and New Zealand. Nana nana boo boo
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  15. This is why people hate Americans lol
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  16. They can't hate us. How else will they get their french fries, their french toast, their muffins, their pizza, and their bagels? (That we totally didn't invent?)
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  17. From france :p
  18. Blimey :D, I'm wondering how much she drank before making the video!
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  19. I didn't realize AOL instant messenger still existed.