How many rupee pages do you have?

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  1. Hey gang! I was going through my rupee history today, and the pages at the bottom caught my eye. 522. It got me wondering, how many pages do you have? To me, my 522 seemed like a lot, but others say theirs reach into the thousands! Feel free to share yours down below :)
  2. Some say AlexChance had over 100k pages
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  3. I have 622 pages
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  4. 536
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  5. I have 207 pages, but i've played for only 3 months yet :D
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  6. A few more than I'd like.
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  7. 2454 for the leprechaun.
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  8. 11863 (used to own a shop and now people just spam me 1r at a time for fun) *looks at drmadfate and starrock13*
  9. I have 206. I feel like a nub, now D:
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  10. I have 8
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  11. I will be paying you a few hundred 1r payments ;)

    Im at 726 pages
  12. omw, I feel like a youngster again. Thanks Binky :p

    ha, ha, ha; I got 300. Guess I am still the new kid on the block here. grrr, I will get even! :p
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  13. I have very few. Only 202. I don't really stock my shop more than once per 5 years I think, and have also not always voted on every website EMC's on.
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  14. I am 17 Months old and I have 190 still.
    Considering, I did take a 9 month break in between...
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  15. I have 4664 did run a mega mall tho :p
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  16. 629. I've never owned a "real" shop (other than selling Inkstains, the occasional promo, etc.), so I have relatively few compared to others. :)
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