How EMC has affected my Life

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  1. Empire Minecraft was the first server I ever joined way back when I was 16 and had just gotten Minecraft for my birthday. That very first night I was looking for a server and somehow I came upon EMC. I don't remember how, but I was instantly in love. When I joined the game, it automatically felt like home. Did anyone else have that feeling? But anyway, it's two years later and I am now officially an adult and I'm still playing Minecraft.

    Let's start off with what EMC has done for me in my real life, outside of the game. I never knew that I wanted to run a company until I launched the Empire Brothers on EMC. Running it and seeing it's success made me realize that is what I wanted to do in my life, not just on the game. Currently a group of friends and I are in the very early stages of developing a Game Development Company since that is what we all want to do in life, develop video games. Without EMC and it giving me an outlet to do what I've done so far, I never would have had that spark in my head to take the steps toward what I'm doing now. A message from Krysyy has stuck with me since the day she sent it in an appeal conversation and it did make me feel like I could do more than I was already doing:

    "I really think you'll do well in whatever you do because you have that vibe of success and determination, and of course a strong will." ~ Krysyy

    No one had ever said anything like that to me up until then, and I had thought Krysyy had a completely different view on me.

    Now, onto how EMC has affected me emotionally. I have met so many amazing people on the server, and I still talk to a lot of you guys on a daily basis outside of the forums. I think EMC made me more confident, I used to hate talking to people but when I got onto the EMC mumble that fear was gone. I felt like I could talk to you guys and feel completely comfortable with myself. Rolling with that confidence allowed me to be successful in my first job interview, and do a little public speaking at my school.

    Thank you Empire, I love you guys.
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  2. Thank you!!
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  3. I am so very happy to see things taking a positive turn for you Cory ^_^

    One of my favorite quotes is "You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it."

    And it seems to me, you have done just this!

    I'm glad EMC helped be a spark of encouragement to you, and still continues to be a productive and worthwhile outlet for you <3
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