How does your Desk look like? Post a Pic of your Desk!

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  1. Hey Fellow Minecraftians!

    I just got the idea to create a thread about how your desk looks like (Or the place where your PC is standing)

    Well, to get started, this is my desk:

    Another Picture:

    I know it's kinda messy here :p
  2. Oh dear... ready to see a terrible mess? Ill take the pic now, gimme a few...

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  3. Ready to see a tramp's house? I think not.
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  4. I'm ready for everything! :D
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  5. Woah! What is all on there! o:

    So many stuff, do I see a PlayStation Controller?
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  6. Darn you Imgur on phone -.-
    I'll try it tomorrow again :S
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  7. Lesee... my 6 core gaming / workstation PC in the blue clear case, named tifa.
    some floppy disks and game dvd cases on top of her, along with a socket 939 motherboard (may have been cut off of the pic)
    two optical mouses and one serial ball mouse for my 386 40MHz computer (not shown, off desk for moment)
    214MB and 2.1GB HDD for 386 computer and pentium 200MHz computer (yes, MB and GB)
    some zip 100 discs
    my pocket knife, a schrade old timer 60TW model
    some sharpies
    some memory sticks
    a clear marble, and some pink tourmaline mix rocks I keep around for emotional value
    a nail clipper
    a hair brush
    some vicodin pills (yes prescribed to me)
    my 4 core 3ghz secondary machine (tashaPC) in black to the right of my main system tifa.
    my pentium dual core 1.67ghz laptop (Toshi) for chatting and browsing the net when I game on Tifa
    a Mountain Dew Code Red 12 oz
    a 20 oz code red bottle with water in it, to keep me hydrated (the bottle was cheap/free and it has a lid, no spills!)
    a paper towel for my runny nose
    a PCI/ISA POST test card (behind keyboard, on hair brush)
    main monitor, 19 inch dell
    second monitor, acer 15 inch widescreen (yes, 15 inch WS, it's tiny!)
    the white thing up on its side by the leftmost computer is an old power center, 4 switches with outlets on the back, used to control power to my home theatre amp and my lamp and my printer
    the pc with its butt to me is Hyratel's PC (my roomie and basically family) and her monitor faces the other way in picture, another 19 inch, that one is viewsonic.
    that odd white container under the tiny monitor is actually a marshmallow creme container we cleaned out and I use for various USB adapters and memsticks and stuff
    a boom microphone, creative labs, from the 1990s
    some dell 2.0 speakers. they are small but they sound good even to me and I'm an audiophile.
    an 8 port gigabit ethernet switch
    a rubix cube with holographic hearts on it
    a game boy pocket, grey in color, with ms pacman in it
    a radio shack CD clockradio
    my kenwood KM-208 audiophile grade home theatre 2.0 channel old school amplifier
    my hewlett packard P2015DN business laser printer
    a whole bunch of CD, DVD, and such in the original cakeboxes (I store my discs like that, its quite efficient and safe for them)
    several 25 boxes of "brand new" new old stock 1.44MB floppy disks
    a couple DVDRW drives, one sata one pata
    a buuuunch more ZIP100 discs inside the brown bcardboard box
    my buckling spring keyboard
    a couple plano tackle box containers with various computer screws and jumpers and such
    a bunch of computer power usb and audio cables to get it all running
    a whole electrical system built into the oak desk, with a total of like 20 outlets (I used to be an electrician)
    gravis gamepad pro USB, which looks like a black original playstation controller
    a USB2 to sata/pata hard drive adapter
    my own homeade lamp on top the printer
    some paperwork glasses pen and such on top of Trayel (Hyratel)'s computer, along with an iphone 3g (iphone 2)

    I... think that's it, besides some dog fuzzy-dustballs and a few reciepts and my halls cough drops package.
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  8. computer.jpg

    This is mine and ISMOOCH's setup... Can you tell which one he get lol. :p
  9. Is that a screen so big, or are the laptops just small? :p
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  10. lol he likes using the tv if we're not watching anything.
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  11. its a 42in screen... not that big i guess.
  12. I don't have a pic.But my desk is quite messy.Lots of scrap paper, Xbox 360 parts lying everywhere(Have a hard time fixing the RROD in order to play Minecraft 360 edition again) and theres a netbook on my desk.
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  14. you mean my monitor? it is NOT normal sized.. lol
    every time i use my laptop instead of my desktop... i get SO annoyed that its soooo small.
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  15. No, you are almost the only the only one with only 1 screen on your destk :p
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  16. oh. lolol
  17. THIS.... is usually what is on my desk telling me what i should be doing (which is petting her) instead of playing minecraft.