How do I go back to my home at the town?

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Daguman, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. I'm stuck at the wastelands and it won't let me teleport home (/home) or to spawn point (/spawn). What do I do?
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  4. Livemap is currently broken,
    What are your coords? I can come collect you or give you the location of your closest portal home. (press f3 to see where you are X: Y: Z:
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  5. I don't know if this is right
    Ice Plains
    x: -9408
    y: 6000
    z: -977
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  6. ok your closest outpost is going to be at
    x: -10,000
  7. OMG! I'm surrounded with monsters and all my weapons broke
  8. Good luck. Try to get to the coords B4DMAN5IMON gave you, then do /home or /spawn.
  9. which server are you on?
  10. If you log off, most monsters despawn.

    Also, time still passes while you are logged off, so if you log on and it's night, you can just log off until it's day again.
  11. AAAAAAAAARgh! i lost everything trying to find the way bak! This sucks! At least the other servers let me teleport back home to get the things i've collected back safely. I even tried to go back and get them and the portal won't let me going in and then i try to find them, but they all ready gone. you might as well have grief me and kill me! If it's going to be like this!
  12. In case you're wondering why we don't do this, is we're trying to be the most like vanilla minecraft as we possibly can, while making things fun. I could give you some of the tings I have that you lost, just try not to die again ;)
  13. I died quite a bit when i first started on emc, don't let it discourage you. This is a great server that has a lot of features that other servers don't, And the community is a whole lot better than most.

    If you need anything to get started let me know.
  14. Thanks Qwerty198 for helping me out! I guess I still need some tme to recover from what happened to me in the past.
  15. I don't see how it's survival Minecrafts fault. If you could tp anywhere you could just run away.
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  16. I sorry, I've been grieved, things stolen, killed, bullied, made fun of so much in the past servers, that it's hard for me to trust now.
  17. Well, you can trust EMC. If you ever did have any problems the staff are there. No one can do anything on your res unless you give them flags. So basically, only give friends/highly trusted people flags.
  18. I'm Sorry, I guess i'm still frustrated by losing all my stuff earlier.
  19. Well, you have learned some important lessons, like how to use the website/forums. You also know now about the limits for using the teleport outside of town.

    I'm sorry that you lost a lot of stuff earlier. It always stinks when that happens. It will happen again, but you will be better prepared next time. I would be happy to offer you some items to get you back on your feet as far as armor and tools.

    What server do you play on? smp# And have you claimed a res in a town and what is the res number? EMC is lots of fun and there are lots of cool people who are willing to help if you try to take advice and calmly ask for help.
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  20. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.
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