[Hotel] 2634 Hotel

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  1. Hey EMC!
    Thanks to your generous donations, the 2634 Hotel has been hugely improved. Thanks so much again for all of your rupees, blocks, and time that you have given me.

    Still, I'm no where near completing the hotel (please check it out @ 2634 on SMP1). I would love it if you could keep donating, whether it's 1 rupee or a stack of quartz blocks. I'll take anything!

    Also, please leave suggestions below on what kinds of features you would like to see in the completed hotel. I want my residence to be a place where people can hang out and relax, so feel free to share any thoughts. :)

    If you would like to donate...

    Here's a list of stuff that I'll need:
    - beds
    - doors
    - wood
    - quartz blocks
    - cyan stained clay blocks
    - regular glass panes
    - flower pots
    - furnaces
    - rupees

    Here are the donator promotions:
    - Donate 1,000r - 4,999r: Become a Redstone donator; get one free regular room; get monthly prizes
    - Donate 5,000r - 14,999r: Become a Gold donator; get one free deluxe room; get weekly prizes
    - Donate 15,000r+ : Become a Diamond donator; get one free 2Floor room; get daily prizes

    Thanks to any donators! Please let me know if you donate anything. If you are donating items, please either manually hand them to me in-game, or message me on this website so that I can set up a hopper for you on my residence.

    Please note that I'm already putting a pool in the hotel, along with a small shop and a café :).

    Thanks so much again! Please stop by 2634 @ SMP1!
  2. Would you consider putting a parkour, maze, or ice hockey in your hotel? If you did I would definitely spend mucho tiempo there :D
  3. I will definitely put some of that stuff in there. for sure a parkour or maze :) thx